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Con Edison Pay Bill Info

Con Edison Pay Bill

Ways to pay for your Con Edison bill.
To manage your Con Edison bill pay you may wonder in what way that can be done these days. Con Ed has several bill pay options like the so-called e*bill, direct payment, pay by credit card or debit card, pay-by-internet, online banking, payment express, by mail or going to a walk-in Con Edison payment center.

e-Bill payment.
As, conEdison indicates, paying your bill by e-bill is good for you and for the environment as it is a way the pay online. Utility and other companies argue that there's no paper involved so less trees are then needed for paper production. Imagine the hugh number of trees that can be saved if a lot of people go paperless. And not to forget saving on solid waste and waste water that results with the production of paper.
Mind, on the other hand that energy companies like to talk about those environment benefits in order to have you as an online payer, saving them a lot of work and money, compared to ,mailing you the bill, so to say the old fashion way.

Green calculator.
Anyway, at Con Edison you can use the so-called 'green' calculator to view reduction of your paper footprint when you receive and pay your energy bill online. It calculates how much you can decrease the environmental affect by switching to electronic -online - billing, statements and payments. So, when you opt for viewing and paying your bills online, you say goodbye to paper.
The company send you an email each month when you bill is ready for viewing. For the e-bill payment option you need to sign up by completing a registration form online. Then you can enter account information which you can find on your latest ConEdison bill. To keep tranactions secure you need to choose a password.


Direct Payment.
Another payment option is Con Edison;s Direct Payment Plan. It operate in about the same way credit card companies may do by deducting the amount you owe from your bank account. Through this DPP plan the payment will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account, 10 days after you receive your energy bill. This option might be quite convenient for you as there's nothing you have to do.

Paying Online.
Next option is paying online, pay-by-internet program, as Con Edison calls it. By using this program you can have the program create an authorized check for your checking account from the information you provide, and transmits the payment directly from your account to Con Edison.

Ofcourse, you can also pay by credit card or debit card. However, it is not free. The payment agent acting on our behalf charges a service fee (approx. $4.75). And you need to have a major credit card (MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, or Discover card). You can do the payment online or by calling a toll-free number.

Payment Express.
Then there the option called: Payment Express. This is a free service with paying your bill by phone. You have to give your Con Edison account number, bank id. number (see your check), and your checking or savings account number.

Online banking.
There's also the 'online banking' option, which is paying your bills while on the website of your bank.

Check or Money order.
You can also send in your check or money order payable to the energy company. You can use the envelope that came you bill. Con Edison advises not to send cash.

Con Edison pay bill NYC cash payment.
For cash payments you could go to one of the Customer Service Walk-In Centers:
Queens: 89-67 162nd Street - Located in the National Grid Office.
Bronx: 448 East Fordham Road - near Third Avenue
Manhattan: 122 East 124th Street (at Park Avenue)
Brooklyn: at National Grid - One Metrotech Center - at Jay Street
Staten Island: Exact payments only. 1140 Richmond Terrace - At the corner of Bard Avenue
Westchester (Mount Vernon): One Pathmark Plaza between 2nd & 4th Avenues - located in the Pathmark store.


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How you can lower your energy bill.
Besides insulating your home, you can set your thermostat lower during the day, when there are no children or elderly, and set it a bit higher in the evening. Room temperature can be less high when wearing warm clothing. Closed curtains and shades also helps. And don't forget to lower the thermostat at night.

You can also switch off your electric devices when not in use. You save a lot of electricity doing so.

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