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Here's more on Con Edison's help for people to pay their energy bills.
Con Ed indicates that it has more than one option to assist people to pay for their costs of energy. One of the options is the level payment plan which spreads out people's energy costs equally divided during a year.


Level payment plan.
As said, a level payment spreads out your energy costs equally divided in monthly portions. Con Ed gauges your energy costs over a year and then divides the total amount by the number of months. It looks like a flat rate and in this way you don't have seasonal peaks / paying peaks. Although you pay an even amount each month, you will be informed in the monthly bill about your energy usage in that period and its real costs. The usage, costs and what you pay monthly will be checked a few times per year. The monthly bill will then be adjusted if your monthly level payment is too low or too high.

Everyone can make a mistake and so can Con Edison. If you think that their estimate for your usage is not correct then verify that with them.

Deferred payment agreement.
If you have to pay a balance amount but need more time to pay, or have trouble paying your energy bills, then an agreement might be settled indicating the period of time - months - you have to pay that balance. It may also require a down payment.
So if it occurs that it is difficult for you to pay or need some extra time, then do contact your energy company in time, and try to make an arrangement for alternative payments, otherwise it may cut off the service.

Plans for qualified customers.
Like there is the EnergyShare program, featuring one-time grants. Something unexpected might happen to you causing trouble to pay for your energy bills. If your account shows an active disconnect notice, you may qualify for a grant. A earlier good-faith payment must have been made, and meet income guidelines from HEAP (= Home Energy Assistance Program) in order to be eligible for the grant.
ConEdison ny customers might call HeartShare for more information: 1-877-480-SHARE [1-877-480-7427]

Other aid plans.
For those who are 62 or older and whose yearly energy bills at Con Ed are less than $420, there's a quarterly billing plan.
Con Edison also has a so-called CONCERN program for disabled people and other qualified customers. This program advises about aid programs and more...

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