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To make your San Diego Gas and Electric payment, perhaps you wonder in what way that can be done these days. If you've a 'My Account' then you'll receive the energy bill online and can be it online. With this payment option you'll get an email, notifying you when to pay the bill. SDG&E bill pay online is paperless, so it saves paper and postage, plus you contribute to a better environment doing so.

Less trees are then needed for paper production. Imagine the hugh number of trees that can be saved if a lot of people go paperless. And not to forget saving on solid waste and waste water that results with the production of paper.
Mind, on the other hand that energy companies like to talk about those environment benefits in order to have you as an online payer, saving them a lot of work and money, compared to ,mailing you the bill,so to say the old fashion way.

In a 'My Account' you're also able to set up payments for recurring purpose so it goes periodically -each month - the automatic way. Advantage is, you don't have to do the payments manuallly each time, if you don't like that or don't want to do that each time. But it is not a necessity to do the payments automatically. If you prefer to do the payments each month by yourself that's fine. SDGE suggest considering to go for a 'My Account' also for those that are in a auto debit program from SDGE, also known as Automatic Pay Program.
To do payments, it is further possible to initiate more then 1 bank account. In your 'My Account' you can also view the information and data during 25 months. You're also able to manage various bills at the same time.


There's also the pay bill by phone option at SDG&E or SDGE as some people say. This free San Diego Gas and Electric payment service is called Pay-by-Phone, and enables you to pay the energy bill via your phone, meaning that you allow a deduction from your checking account. You pay by calling 1-800-619-7343 and then follow the guided instructions.
To sign up for this service you have to complete a form requiring your SDG&E account number and your checking account information. A mail-in option is also available by printing this form at:, complete it and putting it in the mailbox.

Another option - some say a bit old-fashion, is to pay your energy bills by going to a brick-and-mortar facility, a so-called location Authorized Payment location. To name a few: Postal Annex, 113 W. G Street San Diego, CA 92101, which is one block from Horton Plaza / Gaslamp District, Video Musical, 2479 Broadway #C San Diego, CA 92102, cross street - 25th Str., Market Creek, 336 Euclid Avenue #502 San Diego, CA 92114, which is in Food4Less Shopping Center, Escondido Branch Office, 644 West Mission Avenue Escondido, CA 92025, in Lowe’s Shopping Center, next to BofA, Downtown San Diego, 440 Beech Street San Diego, CA 92101, is between Fourth and Fifth Avenues, inside California Coast Credit Union, and way more addresses.
There are also accessible location for people having disabilities. Such location are equipped with a Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) sign.

If you want to do a mailing payment you might address: SDGE, P.O.Box 25111, Santa Ana, CA 92799-5111
More on SDGE pay bill billing options for San Giego gas and electric bill pay, also indicated as SDGE bill pay ways.

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